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The Coronavirus Support Group UK is a national initiative that (1) gets real practical help established across the country ’Street By Street’; and (2) provides a one-stop source of useful information on the coronavirus COVID-19. 

The Founder is James Johnstone, a former barrister who for the past 20 years has run his own business, Johnstone & Partners, solving complex problems, time-sensitive crises and interesting projects for individuals, corporations and governments. He is also a board member of Pavocat Ltd, a specialist counter-corruption services company advising governments and multi-national companies, and for 6 years he was Chair of the British Red Cross’s largest annual fundraising event, The British Red Cross London Ball.

Our Medical Advisor is the wonderful Dr Farheen Ebrahim, MBBS, BSC (Hons), Fda.  Given the importance of getting the right medical advice across on the site, she ensures all facts are careful checked and that all information is sourced from reputable sources.

The Coronavirus Support Group’s website and efforts are currently supported by a growing list of unpaid experts across a wide range of fields including: Ruby, Emily, Kate, Diana, Thea, Caroline, Peter, Sarah, Luke, Tessa, Amy, Sebastian, Philip and Fiona.

Spiritual support is provided by our delightful giver of prayers The Reverend Kate. 

You can help us too.  If you have expertise and relevant skills in Communications, Social Media, Research etc, please contact us.

A huge thank you to all of you!