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Our excellent website provides a one-stop source of really useful information about coronavirus COVID-19. 

The website includes a wealth of useful, easy-to-read, illustrated, updated information and advice for individuals and families across a wide range of subjects relating to coronavirus COVID-19 and the pandemic.  This information is only sourced from trusted UK, US and global organisations, governments, charities and professional bodies.


Outcome:  With great simplicity:

  • The website informs people – especially the vulnerable
  • The website shows people what to do to protect themselves, to protect others, and if they are unwell
  • The website provides a one-stop source of information about the coronavirus, to which we’re adding new information all the time

Clarity:  The website provides a far easier and more user-friendly resource for information than most of the specialist government / professional websites whose information we have collated.


We’re doing this to help you.  Can you help us?  We need more volunteers to help us here with our research, and with our tech support.

And let us know if there is anything you’d like us to research for you.  If it’s useful, we’ll also add it to the website.

Take care of yourselves, and stay well!

All at The CSG 

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