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Checklist for Coronavirus COVID-19
self-isolation or lockdown

Checklist of what you'll need for self-isolation or lockdown


This is a checklist of things that you or your carer or family will want to think about before or during self-isolation or lockdown during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  If you think there is anything we should add, please contact us.  We’d be grateful for the help.

The elderly:

If people are concerned about an older person, you can contact AgeUK at with their contact details and AgeUK will get in touch with them.   If it is outside Mon-Fri 9-5 office hours then please contact Social Services in their area.  Please also visit our page on Older Adults.


We advise all carers to create an emergency plan – for you and all those you look after. Having a plan in place can help ease your worries if you are not able to care for those you look after at any point in the future.

In order to create an emergency plan that fits your needs, you will need to consider:

  • details of the name and address and any other contact details of the person you look after
  • who you and the person you look after would like to be contacted in an emergency – this might include friends, family or professionals
  • details of any medication the person you look after is taking
  • details of any ongoing treatment they need.


Make plans for food and supplies to be delivered to you if your household is self-isolating or you fall ill.  Can a neighbour help?  Do you have a local support group?  If not, join one.


Stock up on cleaning supplies.  Useful items include bleach, soap, hand sanitiser, disposable paper tissues and paper towels.


Make sure you can tide yourself over.  Do you have access to credit cards as well as cash, as some places won’t accept cash?  Can you get help from family, friends, neighbours or the local community?  Speak to your bank.


Make sure you have enough medication for any existing conditions.  Remedies for colds and flu are also useful.  Get a thermometer to check temperatures.  You could sign up to a repeat prescription delivery service if the
person you care for is reliant on regular prescription medication.  For further information visit this NHS site for guidance on the online ECHO pharmacy.


For your own sake, and to relieve pressure on the NHS, can you reorganise any planned therapy or treatments?


Make plans now to ensure that someone else can help you care for any dependents, walk your dog, or take care of any other commitments.  Check with friends, neighbours and your local support group.


Check you have the contact details of people you care about, or care for, and that they have yours. This includes phone numbers or email addresses.


If you change your plans or move elsewhere, make sure the people who care about you, or for you, know this. 

Checklist of Things to Do for self-isolation or lockdown


Can you work from home or not? If not, what are your rights to payment or benefits?  Check our useful advice and links for employees and employers HERE.


If you have to self-isolate, prepare for the tedium by creating a routine or timetable for yourself.  If you live with other people, create a household schedule.  You all need to agree how the household will run with everyone at home all day and unable to leave.  Being clear at the start will help keep things calm.


Keeping fit and keeping strong will help keep you healthy.  It’s also good for the mind and reduces anxiety.  With a bit of imagination, you can turn the home into a gym.  You are allowed out for one period of exercise a day.  See our advice on Going to the Park in our page on Practical Advice.


Access nature if you can.  It’s springtime soon.   Can you get some seeds and planting equipment, houseplants or living herbs?


Netflix and TV are fine, but think about what else you’re going to do.  At our home, we’ve decided to go through 20 years of digital photos and turn them into albums that we can print.  A good use of time that will entertain everyone.

Kids and Things To Do:

We have put together over 30 useful and fun things that children from 2-20+ will enjoy.  Take a look HERE.


If there’s something you’d really like to do if stuck at home, make sure you have what you need to do it.